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Training Schedule and Results

Schedule of races I am registered for (or might register for) this year. Results and race reports for completed races. All of my races leading up to Ironman Arizona are in some sense training races for it.

  • February 25, Chicago Indoor Rowing Championship. 2k race on the erg. Also 2500 meter relay (500 meter/person).
  • February 22 – March 25, Crossfit Games Open Round. One workout per week, done at my home gym, for five weeks.
    • Results: I wasn’t doing this one for a ranking. But I pushed myself a lot harder than I expected to, conquered new skills, and am happy with how it went. See my writeup.
  • May 6, Row, Bike, Run. A small competition at my crossfit gym, consisting of cycling 10k on the trainer, followed by rowing 2k on the erg, followed by running a 5k.
    • Results: I didn’t write up a report for this and don’t remember my times. But I remember I felt like I did okay on the biking, not quite as fast as I hoped on the erg, but faster than I expected on the run (given I had just finished cycling and rowing).
  • June 3rd, Sequoia Century, Palo Alto, CA.
  • July 15th, Racine Half Ironman, Racine, WI.
    • Results: 6:39:19, great first long course triathlon! See writeup here.
  • July 21st, “Mini triathlon.”
    • A practice race for members of my gym training for triathlons. Started with an open water swim organized for athletes training for the Danskin Triathlon (the open water swim was the only part organized by a group outside our gym). Swim approx. 800 yards, took me maybe 20 minutes? Bike 14.42 miles, 46:05 (biked in groups, so not individual race paces). Run 2.27 miles, 17:23 (run at individual race pace). Not a formal race, but I felt good about the practice, and getting my transitions smoother.
  • August 4th, Dairyland Udder Half Ironman, Manitowoc County, WI.
    • I could not attend.
  • August 26th, Chicago Triathlon, Olympic Distance.
    • This one is as much for fun as for training. It will still be good practice, but it’s a crowded race, so a little tough to really get a top time. I’m doing this one with a couple friends who are not at my gym.
  • September 8th, Big Shoulders 5k Swim (Chicago, IL)
    • Open water swim in Lake Michigan. This one will be a huge confidence booster for me going into Ironman Arizona. This race is 3.1 miles; IMAZ’s swim is 2.4 miles. This race is in the chop of Lake Michigan; IMAZ is in the calm of Tempe Town Lake. If I can get through this, I will go into IMAZ knowing absolutely that I can get through the swim. This will also be really good pacing practice. I will try to pace as if it was part of the Ironman — meaning I should finish the swim with enough energy that I could keep racing. If I get out and feel like I’m done for the day, I know my pace was too hard. A lot better to figure out that I’m swimming too hard on this race, when I can afford to just pass out for the day, than in Ironman Arizona, when I get out of the water and have another 138.2 miles to go.
  • November 18th, IRONMAN ARIZONA!!
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