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Suggested donation amounts: $10, $14 ($.10/mile), $28 ($.20/mile), or more!

Thanks to my supporters!

  • Steve Swanberg
  • Christine Zumwalt
  • Mom and Dad
  • Clare Forstie
  • Aunt Mary
  • Hsiao Lei Lai
  • Beverly Levine
  • Jun Wang
  • Tejal Chande
  • Mom “Joni” (mother-in-law)
  • Jackie Pablo
  • Cherie Monsalud
  • Theo Greene
  • Many friends who attended my bar night at The Call (we raised $337)
  • Eddie Europa
  • Julio Capo Jr
  • Matt Tanner
  • Aaron Apter
  • Scott Curcio

Fundraising Progress: $650 for Ironman Foundation and $395 for Challenged Athletes Foundation. Help me reach at least $500 for CAF by race day!

Challenged Athletes Foundation supports athletes with physical disabilities. This includes work through clinics, mentorship, and grants for adaptive equipment. CAF athletes compete at all levels of competition, including in Ironman events.

I know what a big difference athletics has made in all areas of my life, and I think the work CAF does is incredible in bringing that gift of athletics to people that would not otherwise have it. I count my blessings that I am able-bodied enough to be able to train for an event like the Ironman, and reap the immense personal, social, and psychological benefits, and I want to use my race to help bring some of those same benefits to others[Note: I’ve also updated the donation link to allow you to donate directly through Challenged Athletes Foundation instead of through Paypal.]


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