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Pre-Race Training Totals

November 13, 2012

So all year long I’ve kept a detailed training log over at This log includes the obvious: workout distances, speed, time, heart rate data, route data, and other notes on workouts. But it also includes tons more. My morning resting heart rate every day, my weight every morning, how much I slept, how fatigued and how sore I felt, what I ate, whether I was injured or sick, and any other relevant notes.

Obviously the main goal of all this data tracking is so I can see how different workouts, nutrition, and other factors affect my body. But it means now I also have all sorts of fun data on my year. So far: I have biked 2079 miles; I have run 350 miles; I have swam 74,335 yards (about 42 miles); I have done 69 crossfit WODs; I have done 7 olympic lifting classes; and I have done 90 minutes of yoga, 13 hours of rowing, and 45 minutes of ice skating! Those numbers might sound really high, but relative to most Ironman training plans, they’re actually very low. But what those numbers don’t capture is the intensity of those miles. Many of those miles were part of hard interval workouts. A workout might have called for six 400 meter sprints. Even adding in a mile warmup and a mile cooldown, that’s only 3.5 miles run. But that 3.5 miles is a lot harder than just going out and running steady the same distance.

Which is all to remind me that my year-to-date mileage dwarfs my race distance on Sunday. Getting to the start line is over half the battle. And I am ready to be at the start line. I am well trained and ready. And now I just need to rest and make sure my body is really ready for the race ahead.

Having this data helps in other ways as well. I now have a treasure-trove of data on what nutrition does and does not work for me in long workouts. I have detailed notes on what, how much, and when I ate and drank during every single long workout and race this year. I know how I paced myself during all my long workouts, and how I felt after. I can review how my diet in the days leading up to a big race may have impacted the race. I don’t have time to read through my whole log of course, but I do plan to review my notes on past key workouts and races. I already have a pretty good idea of my pacing and nutrition strategies for Ironman Arizona, most of which I’ve tested many times over. But reviewing my data one more time will help me do the final fine-tuning on my strategies.

So excited!

5 days till Ironman Arizona!!


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