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BIA Retest… Much Better!

October 24, 2012

Last week I wrote about how I went to get my body fat measured, and was surprised to instead learn I was a little dehydrated. So I followed my coach’s advice. Over the past week, I’ve been sprinkling salt on my food again. And especially, during long workouts, I’ve made sure to take in electrolytes.

Tonight, I redid the body fat analysis. This time my intracellular hydration was in the target range. Still at the low end of the target (in the spring, when I first did this, it was higher), but in the target. And my body fat was 9.5%. A bit higher than hoped for, but very much in the range I expected.

So tonight’s results tell me two things. First, I can still take in more salt. Although once I start tapering, that will be easier — fewer long workouts will mean a lot less salt lost to sweat. Second, I can definitely lose 4 or 5 pounds without losing muscle mass. As my coach said, I’m at a level that it’s not critical for me to lose weight. She agreed losing 4 or 5 pounds would help me if I can do it, but said I shouldn’t worry too much about it. There are other things that will impact my race a lot more than that weight. I’ll try to lose a few pounds, but if I don’t, no big worries.

25 days till Ironman Arizona!!


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