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Too Bad I’m Not Running a Marathon This Year

October 12, 2012

Today’s training plan called for a two hour run. I set off and kind of let my body determine the pace. At this point in my training, I’m amazed at how I can go through hard weeks of training, start with sore leg muscles, and still settle into a faster run pace than I could have held last year. When I’ve trained for marathons in the past, I would normally take an easy day before my long run. My legs might not always be fresh for the long run, but they were a lot fresher than they often are now this year. But that’s the whole point of Ironman training. When I get to that marathon on November 18, I will have just finished 2.4 miles swimming and 112 miles biking, so you bet my legs will be tired and sore. I’d better be able to still run well with sore and tired legs.

When I set off, my legs were definitely tired from recent workouts. Over the first four miles, I averaged around an 8:40 mile pace. As I was starting mile five, someone just a little faster than me passed me. And I kind of ended up speeding up to stay closer. After a mile and a half, the other runner eventually faded away, but I had been running around an 8:20 mile now, and realized I felt really comfortable there.

I ran just over 14 miles in two hours, holding an average of 8:28/mile. My half marathon time (13.1 miles) was 1:51:10. I ran hard, but definitely not all out, and I wasn’t tapered like I would be for a race. I’ve never actually run a half marathon as a standalone race before, so I don’t have a time to compare that to. But my PR marathon was 4:24:57, in 2010 at the San Francisco Marathon. That course is only moderately hilly (it runs around the city, avoiding the worse of the hills, and after mile 13 is almost flat). Even on a flat course I probably couldn’t have done better than 4:15 that year. Based on my training run today, if I was training for a marathon, I would almost certainly break four hours and set a marathon PR! Oh well, maybe next year.

I was glad that before I left for my run, I went to the grocery store and picked up a couple bags of ice. As soon as I got home, I started the tub filling with cold water for an ice bath. Uncomfortable to get into, but my legs felt better later!

37 days till Ironman Arizona!


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