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Great Weather = Speed Work Outside!

March 14, 2012

So I should be inside all day working on this conference presentation that will not be as far as I want it to be. I leave for Texas tomorrow. I’ll have some time to work on it tomorrow, but really not a lot. But this weather is too good to be cooped up inside all day. So I decided to go for a run. And then I got thinking, well I could at least make this productive. Instead of just running aimlessly along the path, lets get in some speed work.

Now for a lot of people, speed work means going to a track and running laps. And I’ve done that before and it works well. But there’s no track convenient to home. So I was going to be running on the lakefront path. New garmin gps watch to the rescue! I knew my garmin 405 could do intervals, but I hadn’t tried it yet. Time to give it a try. It was actually fairly easy to setup. Took a few minutes playing with it, but pretty self explanatory. Set my workout for 8 intervals of .25 miles each, 1 minute rest, include warmup and cooldown, and go.

I did have a couple hiccups with it. I thought I had the workout started, and at the end of my warmup, realized it wasn’t started. Oh well, that just means my distance run on the warmup is not in the whole distance listed on my garmin. I also didn’t realize “intervals left” included the cooldown. (I did keep thinking “I thought I had one fewer interval left.”) But otherwise worked great. I could hear the beeping to warn me of the end of work / rest periods over my headphones, really easy. Maybe not quite as easy as intervals on the track, but pretty darn close.

Unfortunately, looking at the history on the watch itself only shows me average speed for the whole workout, including rest periods. Um, no good. I know I can get all the interval data though once I hook it up to my computer to download the data. I just haven’t figured that part out yet. So for now that data is stuck on the watch. But I know I was averaging around a 6:45 mm pace on my sprints. Definitely faster than I could have gone a year ago! Glad I did that. Loving the new watch, loving how much easier it was to get in a productive workout instead of “just running aimlessly,” and loving that I got outside in this gorgeous weather. And I even remembered to hook the watch up to charge now, so that it has plenty of juice for Texas (8 hours of gps time at max charge — no way I’m going through that while at a conference for a couple days).

249 days till Ironman Arizona.


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