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Continued Slow Progress on the Swimming

March 5, 2012

Little by little, my swimming is improving. I still feel like I’m struggling in the pool, but I know I’m doing a lot better than a couple months ago. And I know that the key is to just keep forcing myself to get to the pool and swim. Time in the pool is probably the most important thing I can be doing right now, frustrating as it is sometimes in the pool.

I went in for a swim this afternoon. Entering the locker room, I was thinking more about how cold the water was going to be (it’s nice once I’m swimming, but hopping in is never fun), and not so much about how I dreaded water up my nose. I started today off with maybe 150 yards to warm up. Then I did 5 or 6 50 yard swims, one length doing a drill and the return length of the pool swimming normal. Then I decided to do 50 yard lengths with 20 seconds rest between. I’m not able to flip turn yet, but I’m happy that I can at least consistently just grab the wall, pull my feet in, and push back off on the 50 yards. I ended up doing 6 pieces. I was originally planning to swim longer after that, but I was starting to get a pounding headache. Not sure what caused that. Maybe my goggles were too tight? I know the clasp on the back of my goggles broke a week and a half ago, and I haven’t got a new pair of goggles yet. It’s holding out okay, but the longer I go without a new pair, the more I’m asking for them to break on me mid-swim.

I’m now at the point where every so often I have a length of the pool that feels fairly good. And I’m working on figuring out what I did right on those good lengths, so that I can try to do it again! I know that when I’m focusing on keeping a consistent rhythm with my arms and keeping the top of my head near my elbow when I rotate to breath, I feel better. I’m realizing I breathe better when I keep my head in the water and mouth barely breaking the water surface (I knew this from reading about it, but I’m seeing it happen in practice on occasion now). But I’m not consistent yet. I still get water up my nose — not bad enough to stop me most of the time, but enough to be uncomfortable.

Right now my goal is to really work on the consistency. When I can consistently do 100 yard lengths, and start doing sets of 100 yards, then I can really begin to build my swim endurance. Not there yet, but I’ll get there. About a month until the next swim class starts, so time to practice.

258 days till Ironman Arizona.


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