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Thank You to my Supportive Husband!

February 20, 2012

I was rereading yesterday’s post about training while on vacation. I think it captured my own feelings about balancing training and vacation. And implicitly it acknowledged how much easier it was because my husband and his mom supported my goals. But that should be more explicit. It’s too easy for me to assume Jeremy knows how much I appreciate his support and forget to really say it.

I know it’s not always easy for Jeremy to support me: my training can take a lot of time; whenever I travel to a new state, my first instinct is to see if I can get in a marathon while there; I always am thinking about how to get in workouts while on vacation; my diet seems healthy to me, but seems very restrictive to him, and can make it more difficult to eat out together. Like many athletes with non-athletic partners, this is a recurring topic for us. And Jeremy paid for my trip to Florida as a very sweet Valentine’s Day gift, so it’s doubly important that he knows how much I appreciate his support.

Before I even got to Florida, Jeremy called to say he was grocery shopping with his mom and wanted to know if I needed anything (he went a few days before me, because I had to stay in Chicago to teach my classes). I’ve been changing things around with my diet recently, so I was impressed with how well he did. He made sure they had greek yogurt. I used to eat the non-fat, fruit on the bottom varieties of greek yogurt, so he actually was right on that even if I’ve changed types now. And he got one that had high protein content, score! Maybe not exactly the greek yogurt I would get at home, but Jeremy definitely did a good job on that one. He also made sure there was oatmeal and dried fruit for me (he knows I put raisins and other dried fruit in my oatmeal). I don’t think I ever even told him that I was avoiding dried fruit with added sugar, and that’s a recent change, so no way I could expect him to know that. And honestly the added sugar isn’t that much. Way to go Jeremy! His mom asked if I wanted any nuts. Good call. But I told her I wasn’t cleared to eat them yet post-wisdom tooth removal. But she gets credit for trying to get food consistent with my diet.

His mom also made a point of trying to support my eating habits once I was actually there. She made fruit smoothies (with only fruit and sometimes almond milk) as part of breakfast, including a really good banana avocado shake — she even did not add sugar to that smoothie specifically because she knew I was trying to avoid it. Thanks mom! She made veggies and eggs one morning and vegetable tofu stir fry another morning, both great for my diet. She didn’t even mind when I wanted to make myself a fresh bowl of oatmeal without sugar, even though she had prepared oatmeal for everyone with sugar. And she suggested adding coconut oil. Great addition! And a new trick I picked up for home. I now have a jar of coconut oil in the cabinet, to add to my oatmeal and for cooking. I know coconut oil is considered one of the best paleo-approved fats for cooking, and it made my oatmeal taste really good. So what if it wasn’t exactly what I would have eaten at home? So what if I had a bit more fruit than usual, had a bit more rice than usual, tried the ube bread my partner got (which reminds me, I need to ask Jeremy’s mom where to buy ube in Chicago! I might not use it in bread, but it would be great in other preparations), tried the bread pudding his mom made, had peanuts instead of almonds, was lighter on the protein than usual? My diet might make sense to me, but I know it’s difficult for everyone else to understand. It doesn’t always follow what the rest of the world says is “healthy” (e.g., fat is okay but not whole wheat bread). And Jeremy and his mom went way out of their way to support my diet. They did way more than I could have expected.

And Jeremy also didn’t mind when I went out for my runs. He would have probably been happy to have me not work out at all, but he knew how important that is to me. He just used the time to relax and sleep in longer. And I tried to keep my workouts to a minimum. I knew it was important to spend the time with him. So this post is for Jeremy, to remind him how much I love him, and how much I really appreciate how much he supports my training efforts, even if I still do some training while on vacation.

272 days till Ironman Arizona.


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