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That Little Voice That Says “Just Go”

February 13, 2012

Sometimes we all need that little voice that says “just go.” We all have it, even though a lot of us have learned not to listen to it. I sure needed it tonight. It’s what got me to the gym for my workout.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, every Monday night I’ve been doing rowing workouts to train for the Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships. Tonight’s workout was 4 x 500 meters, 30 seconds rest. Then rest 5 minutes. Then 500 meters all out sprint. Then rest a couple minutes. Then 1 minute wall sit, 20 jumping squats, 1 minute wall sit, 20 jumping squats, 1 minute wall sit. I have an erg at home, and I can even get myself to do intervals at home, but I’ve been going into Rowfit for these workouts. Sometimes I can push myself 100% on my own. Sometimes. But it’s easier to slip on my own. Going to the gym, I’m guaranteed to push 100%. I’m guaranteed to push well past comfort. It helps that a few of the guys there normally start out faster than me but get slower over the course of the workout (I’m good at keeping my splits pretty consistent on long interval workouts). So as I’m tired and want to slow on later intervals, I push myself to keep going because I want to see if I can get my overall average speed faster than them.

But this afternoon I got home from school, and I almost had myself convinced to just do the workout on my own at home. I had good reasons. I even had reasons to skip the workout. I got my wisdom teeth pulled last Thursday and until yesterday I was taking pain pills. My teeth hadn’t been hurting all day (although they were starting to hurt a little and I was debating taking another pain pill for them), but I’m still feeling a little of the after effects of the pain pills. Body was fatigued, even though I didn’t workout post tooth extraction. I also had to get up at 4:30 AM this morning to take my partner to the airport. I normally don’t get up until 7 or 8, but this morning I was at a coffee shop studying by 6:45 AM. Long day! And I have so much work to do: I could barely focus late last week, after the pain pills, and I’m joining my partner in Florida on Wednesday, so trying to cram a week and a half of work into a few days. And on top of all that, it was supposed to snow this evening, and I was planning to drive. I’ve only driven in snow once or twice before (I learned to drive in San Diego, and don’t drive often in Chicago, so I’ve avoided driving in snow).

Surely, I reasoned, I could do the workout on my own at home. But just as I was debating whether or not to go into Rowfit, just as I had myself almost convinced to do the workout at home, that little voice said “just go.” “Just go.” You know you want to go, you know you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s okay not to go. So I decided I would go. I put away the pain pill I was thinking of taking — I might still have been feeling after effects of the pain pills, but I could do a workout through that, but if I took another one today that would kill any chance of a workout. If I still needed it post workout, I could have it then.

And I’m glad I went. I probably would have done the workout on my own. But I probably would have let myself off easy. I would have really hurt after the first interval, and decided “well, I can do 90%.” And let it slide. “Well, I’m hurting post-surgery, I can modify.” But once I was in the gym, surrounded by other people rowing, I was committed. I was going to do it right! There’s always so much positive energy in that gym. Tonight, I’m glad I listened to that voice that said “just go.”

279 days till Ironman Arizona.


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  1. Jeff, I have been keeping this post in my mind all week when it has been hard to get up and moving in the morning and get to the group workouts. I agree that it definitely motivates you to give a little more than if you do it on your own. I always trained solo until I signed up for IM. I feel like a kid again going to “practice”.

  2. jbkosbie permalink

    I guess I’m used to practice from crew. But the nice thing about crew was I always knew that my teammates were counting on me being there. Literally the boat could not go out without all the rowers. So even waking up at 5 am, there was never any doubt that I would be there. Now, with my crossfit and rowing classes, I might get a lot of benefit from the class, but if I’m not there it doesn’t hold up the group. But I’m still trying to create the same sense of commitment I had with crew: sign up for my workouts, and then stick to the schedule.

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