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Avocado banana paleo ice cream

February 11, 2012

Several food posts in a row… maybe because today is my third day without working out, and I know I’m under doctor’s orders to take at least through tomorrow off. Always tough to rest, even when that rest is built into the training plan (right now my body could use the rest, even if I wasn’t post wisdom tooth removal). Trying not to go too stir-crazy!

Anyways, last night I decided to slightly bend my diet goals again and give myself another little treat. But as I said before, better to slightly bend my diet goals than to just have the “normal” post surgery diet of milkshakes and ice cream. And really last night’s treat was paleo, just not something I should have that often.

Banana Avocado “Ice Cream”

So last night I was looking at the avocado on the counter and got to thinking “I’ve had good avocado ice cream before, and avocado has a similar texture to banana, could I add avocado to my paleo banana ice cream?” Some google searches revealed what I already suspected: most avocado ice cream recipes call for large amounts of sugar and heavy cream. They also revealed that the avocado freezes slightly more solid than the banana, so I probably would want something to make it creamy again. Coconut milk to the rescue!

The first step was to get the banana and avocado ready to freeze. I had used 1/4 of an avocado earlier with scrambled eggs, so already had 3/4 avocado in the fridge. I decided to just use that. Grabbed the ripest banana I had (could have used a riper banana if I had one) and added it to the tupperware container. As photographed at left: all ready for the freezer.



I let the banana and avocado freeze for a couple of hours, then took them out of the freezer. You can sort of see the difference on the right, after I took them out of the freezer. Faint traces of frost on the tupperware, and firmer, now frozen fruit.





Next I needed the coconut milk. Back in my pre-paleo days, before I discovered the joys of cooking with coconut milk, I rarely kept this on hand. I would buy it if I was making a specific recipe, but it wasn’t an ingredient I thought about in my normal daily shopping. That’s changed. I now try to keep at least a can or two on hand for whenever I want it. And I often have leftover coconut milk in a container in the fridge, since I might use only a few tablespoons in an egg dish or something.


I took the banana and avocado and threw them in the blender, added four or five tablespoons of coconut milk, and added about half a teaspoon of honey. Then blended till smooth. The blender worked okay for the task, but if I’m making a small batch again I might use my mini food processor. I normally use the mini food processor for my single serve banana “ice cream,” but it gets a little messy because the food processor bowl does not hold liquid in so well. But the blades on the blender were too high to be that effective with a single serving like this. Oh well, it still came out tasty.


And then scoop into the bowl and serve. Yummy! It was plenty sweet for me, even with only the natural sweetness of the banana and half a teaspoon of honey, but I’m guessing non-paleo people might not think it was sweet. This is definitely a recipe I will make again! Came out how I hoped it would.





As a bonus, I also got a photo of last night’s dinner: one zuchini, one green bell pepper, several slices of mushroom, all stir fried over high heat in olive oil with kosher salt. Added about a cup and a half of black and red beans. Then added a couple eggs. And sriracha on top. Yummy! Had to eat the veggies slowly, but I got through it. Slowly back to normal post-surgery.

I’m still taking some painkiller today, but hopefully should be back pretty close to a normal diet. Just no nuts allowed for a week, and probably minimizing the lettuce and other things likely to get caught in the teeth.

281 days till Ironman Arizona.


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  1. Hi Jeff. I finally figured out how to follow your blog from mine. Your diet looks delicious. I have another friend that started on the PALEO diet, but I have not read up on it. I bought my husband this amazing gadget for Christmas called YONANAS. It is an ice cream maker that you can make dairy free frozen deserts in, but putting in frozen bananas and other fruit to make a delicious soft serve treat. He had gone dairy free recently and we needed some yummy treat options. It is really delicious. You can find one on amazon. The reviews claimed that it works better than a food processor and so far we have been happy with it. The avocado banana dish looks interesting, so I’ll have to try that. Thanks for sharing.

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