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Small frustrations, not registering for Chicago Marathon

February 3, 2012

Many of my friends in Chicago are talking about registration for the Chicago Marathon in October. Not surprising, registration is once again setting a new record pace to fill up. And I really wish I was one of those registering. The Chicago marathon was the race that really got me back in to being a serious athlete. But the last few years, I’ve missed it because it is the same weekend as the Head of the Rock, a regatta in Illinois. When I decided to train for IMAZ this year, I originally thought for sure I could do the Chicago marathon again. It would be great to see how fast I was on the nice, flat course. And the course runs right by my house around mile 7! Home support!

I’ve since realized that it was not so realistic to hope to run the Chicago marathon. I mean, it is on October 7, and the Ironman is not until November 18. So it seemed like long enough to recover. And maybe it would be. But even if I could recover from the marathon, I would lose a lot of valuable training time. At that point in October, I should really be putting in my last really hard push of training, leading up to a long taper time for the Ironman. Doing a taper for the marathon and post-marathon recovery does not fit with that!

I mean, I guess if I really wanted, I could do the Chicago marathon if I was going to walk at least half of it. If I was not going to taper for it, and do it so easy that I didn’t need much recovery from it. But then what would be the point? If I do the Chicago marathon again, I would want it to be a chance to set a marathon PR. Chicago is a great course for that. I wouldn’t want to do it just to walk through the streets of Chicago.

So since I will not be rowing this fall, and will not be running the marathon, at least I can stand on the sidelines to cheer my friends that are running on!

289 days till Ironman Arizona.


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