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A page from my weekly training logs

January 29, 2012

It’s a lazy Sunday. Yes, even athletes take days off! I was playing around with the appearance of my blog, trying to make it easier to leave comments. My site statistics tell me people are visiting, but it’d be nice to see what people think. Anyways, just thought I’d share my workouts from the past week, in case anyone is interested in what my training looks like at this point.

  • Sunday, January 22nd. Rest.
  • Monday, January 23rd. Afternoon: 25 minute swim on own (a couple drills, but mostly just focus on time in the pool, getting more comfortable breathing). Evening: Erg 6 x 500 meter intervals, 1:15 rest (average pace 1:46.2/500 meters), with 3 x 1 minute wall sits and 2 x 20 jumping squats after.
  • Tuesday, January 24th. Evening: “rowing bootcamp” workout on my own (all rowing at full pressure) — 3 min at 28 spm, 30 situps, 3 min at 26 spm, 30 pushups, 3′ @ 28, 30 burpees, 3′ @ 30, 30 plank with extension, 3′ @ 26. Then rest four minutes and do the whole thing a second time. I did this at home, so I’m sure the downstairs neighbors had to be wondering what I was up to when I was jumping around doing burpees!
  • Wednesday, January 25th. Afternoon: 25 minute swim on own, same as Monday. Evening: 30 minute swim lesson, more focus on drills with limited continuous swimming.
  • Thursday, January 26th. Evening: crossfit — 3 rounds for time: 15 overhead squats (95 lbs), 21 ball slams (with a 12 lb ball that needed to be thrown down pretty hard to get enough bounce to catch it), 9 ring dips. I think it took me around 10 minutes.
  • Friday, January 27th. Evening: rowing 3 x 8 minutes, full pressure at 12 spm (at this very low stroke rating, I only get up to about 75% max heart rate, but really work my legs well by focusing on maximum leg pressure each stroke), 2 minutes easy rowing between.
  • Saturday, January 28th. Crossfit, team WOD. In teams of three, for time, do 150 situps, 150 pullups, 150 overhead squats with just the bar (45 lbs), 150 kettlebell swings (50 lb kettlebell), and 150 calories rowing on the erg (total counts, e.g., 150 situps between all three of us). All three team members could be working at the same time, but only one person per activity at a time. My team started by rotating every minute between the rowing, kettlebell, and squats. When someone finished the kettlebell, they switched to situps, continued minute rotations. Then when someone finished the squats, they switched to pullups. Pullups was our last thing left, letting us switch who was working more often. We finished in about 16 minutes.

Obviously I’m not doing much running or cycling right now. Which is fine at this point, I’m building a strong base. When I move into Ironman specific training, I will definitely add those in. My volume might also increase, but my workout intensity will not. This was not a super-high volume week, but it was fairly intense.

294 days till Ironman Arizona.


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