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Sometimes just getting in is the hardest part

January 23, 2012

After starting swim lessons last week, my schedule got busy. I was still working out, but I didn’t make it back to the pool. Partially that’s because the pool is in Evanston, which is not convenient for me if I’m not already on Northwestern’s campus.

So today I made a point of making it back to the pool. After I finished my office hours at noon, I walked across campus to the gym. It’s amazing how nervous I felt, how much I wanted to just back out. I was thinking “well, no one will know if I don’t get in the pool today.” I was a little nervous before swim class started last Wednesday, but I was more nervous today. I guess it was the fact I was going to be swimming on my own. Truth be known, I don’t know if I’ve ever swam alone before. The only time I tried seriously swimming before was when I was training for the Chicago Triathlon, back in 2008. But then I swam with my friend Paul, a former collegiate swimmer, who helped coach me. Still, I knew that around noon, the pool would likely not be that busy. That was in fact why I was going at that time!

Even after I got to the gym, I was still nervous. I could still turn around and leave, right? The funny thing, I wasn’t really nervous about people seeing me. I mean, I didn’t know anyone who would likely be at that pool. And everyone else would be paying attention to their swimming. In any case, I convinced myself to give it at least 10 minutes. If I felt really awkward, I could leave then. But at least 10 minutes. But once I got in the pool, I felt fine (btw, most of the lanes only had one person in them — not empty, but also not busy, just like I hoped). I tried a couple of the drills we did in my first class, but mostly I just got in time swimming. If I really push, I can do 2 lengths of the pool (50 yards) without stopping. A little bit of progress over last time. I stayed in the pool for about 25 minutes. Long enough to get in some technique work.

My real workout would come later in the day: 6 x 500 meters on the erg, with 1:15 rest between pieces. 15 seconds less rest than last week but two fewer pieces. I was .5 seconds faster average over last week. I’ll take it! Oh, and then just to make the legs feel really good, after finishing on the erg, 3 x 1′ of wall sits, plus jumping squats. Walking up the stairs to my condo was sore.

300 days till Ironman Arizona.


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