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Paleo so far

January 6, 2012

Almost a week into my new year’s resolution to eat paleo for a month. Thought I’d give an update on how it’s going. It’s been both easier and harder than I expected.

Preparing food in bulk on Sunday definitely helped a lot. I haven’t had to scramble for meals all week. I’ve used the veggies I pre-cleaned and cut in various stir-frys, scrambled eggs, etc. I’ve had several bowls of black beans and of squash soup. I bought a large bag of apples, which made for easy snacks I could carry with me. So in that sense it’s been easier. I need to make sure to keep up this pre-prep, otherwise I’m sure it will quickly become much more difficult.

It’s also been more difficult to eat enough to feel full some days. This is largely because of the intersection of vegetarian and paleo. Either is probably quite manageable on its own (I know vegetarian is, I think paleo would be). Together, they are very difficult. I can only eat so many beans in a day without other problems. I might need to eat eggs, cheese, and greek yogurt a bit more than I planned. For now, I’m still going to try to stick to my original plan though, and go the whole month without cheating any more than I have to to make paleo work for a vegetarian.

I haven’t had the energy lows some people complain about when they start paleo, but I also haven’t noticed any major increases in energy. Which seems consistent with what I expected before I started, that I might have already achieved a lot of the benefits of paleo by cutting out a lot of my grains without eliminating them entirely. But it’s still too early to judge definitively. At the end of the month I can really evaluate.

Oh, and I’m starting to feel healthy again. Still a little stuffy and a bit of a sore throat this morning. But throat not as tight as it was before, and resting heart rate back to normal. Probably will try to do an easier workout today, just to do something. Yes, I know, “easy workouts” don’t fit with a crossfit approach to fitness. But I want to do something, but not stress my system too much just yet.

317 days to Ironman Arizona.


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  1. Very cool! I’m really looking forward to hearing how this goes and if you notice any differences in energy/performance levels. I’ve heard a lot about the paleo diet, but I don’t know if I could do it. I’ve already cut out most processed foods and stick to quinoa, brown rice, whole grain pasta, for carbs, but I don’t think I could cut dairy and grains completely. I feel your pain on having trouble eating enough to feel full… I had a very brief stint with the raw foods diet – didn’t last long at all because I was constantly starving.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • jbkosbie permalink

      I’ll definitely be blogging about whatever changes I notice by the end of the month. I’m a bit skeptical, but I just heard so many people rave about paleo that I decided to try it. If I don’t notice a substantial difference, I’ll probably reintroduce things like quinoa, oatmeal, and brown rice to my diet.

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