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I want a beer… but I’m not going to have one

January 5, 2012

I was feeling stressed today, and on the train ride home was thinking “a beer would be really nice about now.” I often carry my stress in my shoulders. I can feel them get tense and tight. A single beer helps me (and my muscles) to relax a bit. And that single beer is really all I normally need.

But I can’t have that beer. First of all, I’m taking another rest day because I’m still a little sick. Alcohol really wouldn’t help that (maybe I only want that beer because I am sick — normally I would go work out, and would feel a lot less stressed after working out). But second, I’m trying to do this month of paleo (I’m on day 5!) completely right. And sure, a lot of people who mostly eat paleo also cheat and have a drink now and again. And beer is considered acceptable if you’re going to cheat. But if I really want to test how well the diet works for me, then I need to follow it as close as I can. And honestly, I give up alcohol most of the time anyways for my training. So one more night is not a big deal, right?

That beer would still have been nice. But I don’t need it. And at least blogging about it helps with the stress a little. I’m actually feeling a bit more relaxed already.

318 days till Ironman Arizona.


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