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Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2011

I woke up today with sore back, shoulder, arm, and leg muscles. Must have been a hard week of working out. Now, I’m celebrating the holiday with two days of rest. No work outs, no studying.

But I’m not just not working out for two days. I’m actively recovering. I spent the morning curled up on the couch reading Iron Wars (about the epic 1989 Ironman world champion race). I don’t take time for pleasure reading often, so for me, this is a real treat. If I’m lucky, I’ll even finish the book this weekend (review to come). Drinking some coffee, but also lots of water and herbal tea. I’ll probably have a couple bites of sweets later, but mostly eating healthy (honestly, I’m not big on sweets anyways, so not a big deal for me — I’ve just had to learn to be comfortable turning them down when they’re in front of me). I’ll take a hot shower later, and probably use the foam roller on my legs.

My nose will be back to the grindstone on Monday, both in training and in studying. But for now, this is an ideal weekend for me. Happy holidays everyone!

330 Days till Ironman Arizona.


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