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Balancing training and life

December 22, 2011

In yesterday’s post, I said building a base means no excuses to skip workouts. But I guess I need to revise that just a little; life sometimes intervenes. Yesterday afternoon, Jeremy wanted to watch Marley and Me (we had rented it from Netflix). I was busy with work, so asked if he could wait to watch it later with me. After crossfit last night, I suggested watching it. Jeremy was searching for something on the internet, so I did other work instead. Around 10:30 PM, I was thinking of getting ready for bed soon. And Jeremy decided it was time to watch the movie. Problem: I was signed up for crossfit at 8:30 AM this morning. And I knew if I stayed up to watch the movie, there was no way I was going to make the workout.

Pretty much any athlete in our modern world is used to these sort of time conflicts. “Life” might be a social gathering, a phone call, work or studying, good weather / bad weather, or even feeling sick. And often, my training schedule wins. Often I would have told Jeremy sorry, it’s too late now, I need to wake up early. I watch little TV to make time for training. I can’t count how many social invitations I’ve turned down to make time for training. But sometimes, life needs to win. I wish I had some magic guide to help me balance life and training, some way to measure my training schedule against the other demands of life. Alas, there is no such guide. Sometimes I’ll get it right. Sometimes I’ll get it wrong. I want to spend time with Jeremy, I want time for the rest of my life, and I want to train consistently and hard. I struggle with that balance as much as any other athlete I know.

I can’t skip a planned workout every time Jeremy asks if I want to do something. But last night, I think I got it right. I rented Marley and Me because I thought we would both enjoy it (we did). Jeremy has been trying to support my training, even if he thinks I’m crazy for it. And in return, I’m trying to make time for us. And when I don’t skip workouts, all I can do is ask him to understand that I’m trying to balance life and training as best I know how.

Maybe it’s for the better. Last night at crossfit, my workout included squat cleans with a 135 pound bar (squat cleans mean starting with the bar on the ground, lifting it up onto the front of the shoulders, and doing a full squat with the bar on the shoulders). Today’s crossfit workout would have included cleans and overhead squats with a 95 pound bar. Slightly different movements, but same basic muscles (except that the overhead squats involve more shoulder and arm strength as well). Instead I will do some sort of interval workout on the erg. I’ll still get in a hard workout, even if it’s not quite what I originally planned. Sticking to a training schedule is important. But some flexibility is important too. Especially when I can rearrange workouts but not skip them entirely.

332 days till Ironman Arizona.


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