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Taking chances in a workout

December 19, 2011

The text is not super clear, but this is my workout earlier this evening. 8 x 500 meters on the erg with 2:30 rest. My splits were 1:47.1, 1:46.0, 1:46.1, 1:46.1, 1:46.2, 1:47.3, 1:49.3, 1:47.4, average 1:47.9 (in other words, that’s how long it took me to row each 500 meters).

Last week on Monday, I did a similar workout, only we had 2:45 rest. My average last week was 1:46.8. This week my goal was to hold 1:46.0 average. An aggressive goal to be sure, especially because I had 15 seconds lest rest this week. And for the first five pieces I was pulling it off. Piece six I struggled a little, but was still okay. But piece seven I lost it. And my overall average speed was .1 seconds slower than last week.

So what do I make of this? Especially coming off of a rest week? I definitely felt stronger during my warmup today. The effects of the rest to be sure. And I know I could have pulled a faster average this week if I started out a little slower. Maybe if I aimed for a 1:46.4 average, I would have been a little better paced. But you know what, I’m glad I went for the aggressive goal. I took a chance in this workout. I pushed harder than I thought I could. And sure, I paid a price. But sometimes we need to take a chance like that in a workout. If I was going for my best overall time, my strategy was probably not the best. I knew when I started I might die mid workout. But I was going for pushing my boundary. Sometimes we need to just see if we can do it. And sometimes when we do that, we surprise ourselves.

And to followup on my musings earlier today, I think I did see benefits from taking a week easy. I could feel it in my warmup. And I held almost the same speed this week, with a little less rest. And I felt strong enough to take a chance on my workout today.

335 days till Ironman Arizona.


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