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Back to hard training

December 19, 2011

I’m up too late, so this post is going to be short. My rest week is over. By today I am definitely ready to be back to working out hard. I’ve been a little jumpy the past couple days. Definite sign of cutting back. But my muscles are more rested, my shoulder isn’t sore anymore, and mentally I’m back in the game. Which is the whole point of a rest week. And I know if I had let myself “just” work out lightly during the week, I would not have the same benefit.

But the end of a rest week is also a good time to remind myself that progress is never linear. In the long run, taking time to rest will help me continue to make progress in training. And often I do see immediate improvement right after a rest week. But not always. And if I don’t, it doesn’t mean the rest didn’t help. It doesn’t mean the rest was in vain. Sometimes we have to just trust that our training plan will work, even though we don’t see the results in the short run. Yes, we also need to be willing to recognize when it’s time to change our training plan. But right now, I know that what I’m doing is helping me. I know this rest time was important. I’m ready to leap back in full throttle. But I know that if my times on the erg are not any faster tomorrow, it doesn’t mean the rest was the wrong thing to do. Because progress isn’t linear. I need to keep evaluating the plan, but I also need to trust the plan and let it work.

335 days till Ironman Arizona.


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