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The (Real) Start of Winter Training

December 17, 2011

With real snow this morning, seems like winter is finally really here in Chicago. And that means winter training. It’s been a couple months since I could just pull on shorts, t-shirt, and shoes and go outside to run, but more cold and snow make training more difficult.

Despite the cold and snow, I saw a lot of people out running on the lakefront path this morning. I love that about Chicago. I’ve been out running in some pretty cold weather, but I’ve always seen at least a couple other people out. There’s something very refreshing about running in this weather.

One of my favorite training runs ever was an 18 mile run in the middle of January, with several inches of fresh snow on the ground, when I saw only 3 or 4 other people on my whole run. It’s amazing the instant sense of camaraderie you feel with complete strangers when there’s that few people out. It takes a lot longer to get ready: pull on layers, smear vaseline on my face (protects the skin!), hat and gloves, put snow grips on my shoes if needed. And I’m not always thrilled about the idea of leaving my warm home to go run in the cold. But once I’m outside, I love it. The cold heightens my senses, makes me feel sharp and alive. There’s something psychologically very rewarding about being out there pushing, not letting the weather stop me. And sure, most drivers passing by must think I’m nuts. But often I’d rather be out running than sitting in a car.

I don’t know if I’ll be out running in the worst of winter this year. My training patterns have changed, and I don’t do as many long runs anymore. But even getting to my crossfit gym is a challenge when it involves standing on a corner in freezing weather while waiting for the bus. I’ll have to keep reminding myself of how the psychological rewards build up. It’s a good thing I’m excited for winter training now — by the end of it, I’ll be more than ready for it to be over.


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