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Limiting my Ibuprofen

December 17, 2011

Like many endurance athletes, there was a time when I seemed to pop ibuprofen like candy. Two before and two after a long run seemed like no big deal. It’s just what we have to do to keep our bodies going, right?

Not so fast. Over the past few years, I’ve cut back on my ibuprofen use, trying to use it less and less. I never take it “preemptively” anymore, although I do still sometimes use it when I’m just sore and not really injured. Reading a story like this: makes me glad that I’ve been cutting back on the ibuprofen, and tells me really I should cut back even a little more. The crux of the story is that regular ibuprofen use actually prevents the muscle’s normal adaptation to use and slows or prevents muscle growth, and might not prevent muscle soreness.

Chalk up another win for mother nature over modern science.

(337 days till Ironman Arizona)


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