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The Challenge of Resting

December 14, 2011

This week is an easy week for me in training. What does that mean? Only 3 workouts all week, and only one of them really hard. For someone who is used to 6 or 7 hard workouts a week, that’s nothing.

Giving myself enough time to rest has always been a challenge. Resting means I’m not training, and I want to keep training harder. But more than that, quite simply, I enjoy working out. And resting means I’m not working out. Yesterday was unseasonably warm for Chicago (so was today, but it was also pouring rain), and I started thinking about going for a run outside. And I had to stop myself and say no, I need to rest.

But this isn’t only about my athletics. We all know that vacations are important to our mental health. We all know that if we sleep enough at night, we’ll be more productive the next day. And yet so many of us struggle to take time off for vacation. We feel guilty. We don’t sleep enough because we want just one more hour to complete a project. We know we should take a vacation. We know we should rest. But it just never seems to fit. It’s the same with taking a rest week in a training plan. I know I should do it. But I never want to do it now.

So this week I’m working on thinking of rest not as taking a break from training, but instead thinking of rest as part of training. Which means I’m going to revise what I said earlier in this post. I said “resting means I’m not training.” But that’s not quite right. Resting means I am training, because resting is part of my training plan. And that means I still need to eat healthy and get lots of sleep this week, because I am still training.


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