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Start of a journey…

December 14, 2011

I’ve decided to blog about my journey to Ironman Arizona, November 18, 2012. Even dedicated athletes like me struggle with motivation to go workout some days (or even weeks). I’m hoping that sharing my journey with the world will give me that extra motivation on those dreary days when I’d rather sit at home and skip my training. And, of course, when this is all over I will be glad to have this record.

I’ll blog about my training and how it fits into my life, and anything else I think is interesting or relevant. And I’ll blog about my fundraising efforts. As many of you already know, I got a charity entry into Ironman Arizona. Which means I paid $650 to the Ironman Foundation, in addition to my race entry fee. So I’m already on the hook for my charity commitment, and now I’m trying to fundraise that. But I’ve set a personal goal of raising more than just my initial $650 commitment. Once I meet that initial commitment, I want to raise at least another $350 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation ( I’ll use this blog to track my progress towards those fundraising goals. If you want to contribute, contact me!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for finding my blog. You’ve got an awesome blog here, and I’m looking forward to following your journey to IM AZ as well. I’m glad you’re keeping a countdown so I have a quick reference for how many days, haha. Kudos for going the charity slot route and fundraising for CAF!

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